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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston won raves with her laid-back hairline braid.

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STEP 1: Shampoo and condition hair with volumizing products.

STEP 2: Towel dry hair, blotting gently rather than rubbing, to avoid creating frizz or tangles.

STEP 3: Section off the front of the hair from the top of one eyebrow to the opposite ear. Apply a defining mousse, twist and secure with a double-pronged clip. Apply a volumizing spray on the rest of your hair.

STEP 4: Rolling 2-inch sections around a large, round brush, blow-dry all your hair except for the front clipped section. When completely dry, pull hair back and out of the way.

STEP 5: Lightly blow-dry the front section, leaving it very slightly damp. Create a part where your want the braid to begin. A flattering place to start the braid is right over the arch of your eyebrow.

STEP 6: Dividing the hair into three pieces, cross the right piece over the middle strand, then do the same with the left piece. Continue to braid, adding small pieces, until you get to the opposite temple. Secure the braid with a clear elastic.

STEP 7: Release the rest of the hair, allowing the sides to fall over the corners of the braid.

STEP 8: Take four to five 2-inch sections of the surface hair and wrap around a 1.5-inch curling-iron barrel. Hold for a few seconds, and release.

STEP 9: Finish with an all-over coat of a flexible-hold hair spray.

Styling tips thanks to Steve Lococo, California-based co-owner of B2V Salon in West Hollywood and Borrelli Salon in Beverly Hills.

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